Okayama Japanese Restaurant Hikari The perfect place for luncheon, celebrations and entertaining


We have different rooms at Japanese restaurant Hikari, to suit the occasion.

Counter Seats[5 seats]

For you after work or with friends

Counter seats, where you can just casually drop in. The seats are close to the chef, so that you may enjoy a little conversation with him or watch the way he handles his knife.

  • Counter Seats1
  • Counter Seats2
  • Counter Seats3

Banquet Hall [4-seater table:3, 2-seater table:1]

For welcoming parties, ladies’ gatherings, memorial service banquets or celebrations

We have tables where you may relax on the tatami mats.

●For intimate parties, we can partition the room into smaller individual rooms, so that you can relax and enjoy yourselves without worrying about your neighbors.

●For memorial banquets and celebrations, we can remove the partitions to ensure a space big enough for a large number of people. For larger parties and occasions, Hikari is the right place to spend those precious moments.

  • Banquet Hall1
  • Banquet Hall2
  • Banquet Hall3

Private Room[2-seater table:2]

For private dining

Individual rooms ensure your privacy. For entertainment, business or first meetings, they offer a space where you can spend time in quiet with that important person.

  • Private Room4
  • Private Room5

General Seat[4-seater table: 2, 2-seater table:1]

For family dining

Truly a Japanese atmosphere.
A room where you can enjoy an unhurried meal.
Spend a leisurely time with family or friends.

  • General Seat6
  • General Seat7
  • General Seat8